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    Manchester Car Audio
    Specialising in Window Tinting,
    In Car Entertainement & Car Modification
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    We supply and install
    Vehicle Specific Navigation Head Units
    By Dynavin Electronics

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Xenon / HID Headlights and Installation

Brighter, whiter light, stretching for metres ahead of the car, ensuring improved clarity of vision in comparison to halogen lighting systems, making driving less tiring in the evening and at night and therefore safer.

By now most of you are aware of the general principles and advantages of a good HID ( High Intensity Discharge) xenon lighting system ; once you have driven with xenon HID you will never again want to drive a car with normal "dim dirty yellow " halogen headlamps. The main advantages with our systems are :
 •   300%-375% brighter than the average equivalent 60 watt halogen lighting (depending on which version system)
 •   Road Legal
 •   Draws only 35watts or 50 Watts (again depending on which system you chose) from the vehicles electrical / charging system compared to 55 / 60 watts for halogen systems
 •   Includes resistors/capacitors as required to prevent check-control or dash warning lights
 •   Waterproof connections for external uses
 •   Fully magnetically and EM shielded , thus no interference with on board electronics etc , unlike cheaper HID systems ( which can affect or even disable ECUs , airbag systems, wiper control , anti lock brakes )


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Some of our expertise

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Car Window Tinting

We have a team of professional technicians who take great pride in ensuring a high quality finish to all window tints carried out at Manchester Car Audio.This is further strengthened by our use of high quality films which ensures additional safety and security for your vehicle.

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Car Audio Systems

We supply and install all car audio systems, however with the growing trends, we specialise in providing you with custom, vehicle specific head unit! For more on our audio systems and what we offer, please visit our services page.

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DRL & HID Lights

DRL(Daytime Running Lights) not only add style to your car but also make it safer for you to be on the road! Accompanied with HID Lights, you can add a sleek touch and make your car even better!
At Manchester Car Audio, we supply and install both DRL's and HID's. For further information, please contact us


For a more of what we offer, visit our services page!


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